François CHARLE

Luthier Expert


Having always been interested in string instruments, François Charle discovered the guitar in the 1960s and it soon became his favorite. As his enthusiasm grew, it followed that he began to specialize in their restoration.

A great lover and connoisseur of American instruments in particular, such as Martin, Gibson and National, he rapidly gained a reputation as a specialist and was eventually accepted to la Compagnie Nationale des Experts in France, with a specialty in American lutherie of the 19th and 20th centuries.

François Charle has also contributed to numerous periodicals, both in France and abroad, such as Frets, Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Gallery, Guitar World, Trad Magazine, Modal, Hot Club News, Guitar Graphic and Vintage Guitare on both musical and lutherie subjects. He is a contributor of: a website dedicated to every kind of guitar.

For several years he has been working diligently on a book tracing the history of Selmer-Maccaferri and Selmer guitars. After having sold out for years it is now available. It is a reference for all the lovers of these guitars. In 2008 he helped Andre Duchossoir making his new book about Gibson lap steel guitars: Gibson Electric Steel Guitars

François Charle is the co-author with André Duchossoir and Arnaud Legrand of the new Vintage Vertigo magazine about vintage instruments:

Non professional photographer he produced a book called "Reflexions" with pictures he made of the Galerie Vero-Dodat

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