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In the world of guitar makers,  Jérôme Casanova is one of a kind, he works his craft with as much culture and expertise for classical guitars as he does for their modern American counterparts. 

Born in Nîmes in 1972, he graduated from the Ecole de Lutherie in Le Mans in 1995. During the following ten years, he acquired solid workshop experience by working with several guitar makers, including luthiers Sinier de Ridder.

He set up his own business in 2003, and the following year won the SEMA jury's prize for restoring a guitar made by Gio Battista Fabricatore in 1780.

Since 2005, he has been appraising string instruments as an expert for several auction houses, among which Vichy-Enchères, Pierre Bergé et Associés, Drout, Castor et Hara and the Crédit Municipal de Paris. He also appraises private collections.

During several years, he taught guitar making and organology at the ITEMM in Le Mans. He is co-author to a book called "La Guitare Espagnole 1750-1950" and also writes press articles for news outlets specialised in guitar making.

As a classical guitar builder and a specialist in restoring various historical guitars, French, American, acoustics and electrics alike, Jérôme works with and for both private clients and museums.

He now spend most of his time in the workshop at galerie Véro Dodat while his colleague luthier Nora Gebhardt runs the workshop in Clermont Ferrand.

To contact Jérôme CASANOVA : jerome@casanova-luthier.com

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